WIFI 4 ch 4 camera 720P 1MP with switch

4CH WIFI HD NVR & WIFI IP Camera Kit with 3 port switch

4CH WIFI HD NVR & WIFI IP Camera Kit with 3 port switch

◆4CH WIFI NVR & 3 wired ports IP Camera Kit
◆4 IP Camera: 720P, Outdoor Metal Bullet Case, 30m Night Vision, Support WIFI & ONVIF
◆Video Output: 1xHDMI/ 1xVGA
◆Compression Method: H.264
◆Recording Resolution: 1280*720
◆WIFI Range: No Obstacles 200m Max
◆Network Interface: 1xWAN + 3xLAN (10M/100M Adaptive Ethernet Interface)
◆Camera Input: 4xWIFI IP Camera + 5xONVIF Wired IP Camera (Max. 9CH IP Input)
◆Preview Resolution: 1CH@Main Stream/4CH@Sub‐stream
Playback: Support Single Channel Mode
◆Simultaneous Operation: Preview, Recording, Playback, Live, Backup
◆Static, Dynamic IP and DDNS, P2P, WIFI, Support IE and Special Client Software
◆2 × USB, 4 x RJ45 (10M/100M Adaptive Ethernet Interface)
◆1 SATA Hard Disk, With 1x1TB Seagate hard disk ST1000VM002
◆Backup: USB2.0 and Network
◆Support Remote View by Smart Phone
◆Power Adaptor: 1xDC12V2A for WIFI NVR, 4xDC12V500mA for WIFI IP Cameras
◆Dimensions of NVR (L×W×H): 8.5in x 8.5in x 2in

What does this really mean?

This system has 4 cameras that send a digital picture over a WIFI frequency to the recorder
The NVR can record up to 4 cameras through WIFI and 3 of the cameras can be cameras through a wired connection, this is the difference between this model and model: CK441MP1TBW
The cameras are high definition with a resolution of 1280x720 and have night vision with infrared lights that shine on an object 30 meters away
The recorder connects to a monitor that is sold separately either through a HDMI or VGA cable
The compression method is called H.264, which is the same as MPEG-4 and the record method of files with the .MP4 extension
The cameras can communicate with the recorder at a distance of over 300 feet as stated if there are no obstructions, but when separated by walls, that distance declines
The video recorder, also call a Network Video Recorder (NVR) connects to the internet with a typical network cable and connect into a router
The NVR can record up to 5 cameras, between the wired and wireless
To watch video on a monitor live, the video will display all 4 cameras at a lower resolution and one camera can be selected to show the full video
The NVR will reply 1 video feed at a time in full resolution
The NVR has many features, it can receive an IP address from the router, or once can be manually assigned; it will also connect via WIFI, Internet Explorer from a computer on the same network
The NVR has a 1 terabyte hard drive that is made especially for a video recorder and a reputable brand
To copy video from the NVR, a USB storage device is used
An App can be installed on a phone or tablet that allows remote viewing of the live video

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